When you Choose PA Wind…

  • You choose wind energy that is clean and helps reduce air pollution. You help offset emissions of CO2 and other green-house gases
  • You diversify energy supply
  • You create jobs and state growth
  • You improve rural economies
  • You help protect against the price volatility of fossil fuels
  • You help provide renewable energy to Pennsylvania consumers

Benefits for Residents

When you power your home with Pennsylvania generated wind, you are securing a greener future for generations to come by helping to reduce Pennsylvania’s carbon footprint. Energy that is produced by fossil fuels rather than renewable sources creates emissions of sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the air we breathe. So, by powering your home with wind power you are ensuring that the air quality in the state continues to improve for all.

Choosing PA wind will also contribute to the growth and development of local economies by ensuring the future of Pennsylvania’s wind industry which creates more Pennsylvania jobs.

Benefits for Business

Wind power your business and improve the overall environment and the PA economy. By choosing PA wind for your business, you will help secure a greener and brighter future for PA, but also you be featured on the ChoosePAWind website alerting clients, partners, and investors that your business is a conscientious corporate citizen.

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

If you do not purchase your own electricity, you have the ability to purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) in an amount equal to your electricity load. This is tantamount to purchasing wind energy for use by your business. It can be done quickly and easily, and the benefits can be enjoyed almost immediately.

  • Strengthen relationships with customers
    • A significant segment of the population considers the environmental reputation of the company before spending their money. These green purchasers research and spend money based on a company’s sustainability policy and environmental record. Your company may attract or retain customers who use their spending power to support companies with strong environmental and sustainability programs. Customers are not limited to the general public, businesses also look at their suppliers’ environmental record and policy as they also try green their business and support the economies of their own home states.
  • Public relations benefits
    • A company with no or poor environmental records can immediately improve its corporate image. Through the ChoosePAWind website, onsite recognition and your organization’s marketing department, your company can enjoy the enhanced reputation and possible sales increase that comes with being known in the community as an environmentally conscious organization.
    • ChoosePAWind will also support your organization’s brand, mission, and corporate values and meet your sustainability goals and objectives.
  • Employee benefits
    • Consumers are not the only group that cares about your company’s environmental record. Employees – both current and potential – also care about your sustainability policies. Research shows that employee morale is higher at companies that have a well-established sustainability program. Many potential employees also choose employers based on a company’s environmental record.
  • No capital investment by corporation
    • A company can take immediate advantage of all these benefits without spending much time or money planning, purchasing, building and implementing physical renewable energy equipment such as a small turbine or solar panels.

Powering your business through Pennsylvania wind RECs does not require a large expenditure to purchase turbines or solar panels. It does not depend on your office or factory’s access to wind or solar resources. It allows you to capitalize on the specific siting of utility scale wind farms. Your facilities can be powered by PA wind almost immediately.