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Did you know that not all wind energy in Pennsylvania comes from Pennsylvania wind farms? Your wind energy could be coming all the way from Texas! All wind power is good wind power, but in order to strengthen our local economy, make sure you support Pennsylvania generated wind energy.
When you talk to your provider, be sure to ask for wind from Pennsylvania wind farms!

Power your home or business with 100% Pennsylvania Wind

In Pennsylvania, you have the option to choose who generates your electricity. For instance, you can switch suppliers to one that offers the lowest prices or to one that offers renewable energy. All of the suppliers listed on our website offer 100% Pennsylvania wind and solar energy.

Click on your utility provider to see a list of PA wind energy suppliers in your area!

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Don’t see your utility provider here? Please check back with us to see if any new suppliers have been added. Or call your utility provider and ask them what wind power options are available.